FREE TRAINING Presented by Jim Krautkremer from Motivated Seller Blueprint
"How to connect with motivated SELLERS without dialing for dollars, cold calling, or buying crappy leads"
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• You want to know WHERE to find motivated sellers (the "good leads")

• You DON’T want to cold call or dial for dollars to get in front of these sellers

• You prefer to have these motivated sellers reaching out to you on AUTO PILOT, instead of having to chase them
Watch the Video Training Above to learn:
  • The 3 questions you MUST ask to know without a doubt WHO IS a genuine motivated seller, and all the others you can safely ignore (and not waste another second of your time chasing them).
  •  How to know instantly if they actually want to sell NOW, or if they are just testing the waters to see what the property is worth without any intention of really selling.
  •  The easiest way to get these motivated sellers reaching out to you on complete AUTO PILOT.
  •  How to eliminate the cold call and never have to “dial for dollars” to get in front of these motivated sellers.
  •  The 3 “can’t miss” action steps I took to take my own business from $8,000 to over $50,000 per month
  •  PLUS… I’ll show you how to get access to my “secret rolodex” of motivated sellers. (Hint: This is where the “good leads” are hiding.)
Jim Krautkremer
Motivated Seller Blueprint
Jim Krautkremer is a coach, serial entrepreneur, and world traveler determined to manifest astonishing results and experiences by practicing abundance, persistence, and curiosity.

In the past 15 years, he’s spoken, trained, and traveled all over the world and coached tens of thousands of real estate agents to achieve massive results and success with their real estate and investing businesses.

Jim has built very large and successful real estate teams in both Orlando FL and Charlotte NC. He currently operates an active real estate / investing business in Charlotte, NC. He is a Broker with Keller Williams Realty along with having ownership in multiple offices.

Jim currently resides in North Carolina with his wife Jill and two dogs Kirby and Watson.
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